Monday, July 27, 2009

6/29/09 - Monday

Shirt: Express (80's Two-Ply Cotton) / Tie: Puritan / Belt: GAP / Pants: Calvin Klein

Cool outfit, imo. I typically don't wear the exact same outfits to work just b/c I like to see how many different combinations I can come up with. This one just may get added to the repeat rotation.

* I recently received an email asking why my commentaries leave out the shoes I wear. My response was a simple one: they are difficult to get in the picture.

* I can't be doing this every time, so I'm taking donations so that I can hire a camera crew.

6/26/09 - Friday

Shirt: Banana Republic / Belt: GAP / Pants: Express Jeans (Rocco)

Here's the shirt worn before in a more relaxed setting ... Notice that the color selection (pants vs. shirt) is still pretty consistent.

6/25/09 - Thursday

Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Simple polo/slack combo. Aside from color/pattern selection, always make sure to pay attention to fit. You want to feel comfortable but at the same time look smart, as the British say).

*If doing the following splits your pants straight down the crotch area, you probably need to wear a larger size or two.

6/24/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: GAP / Sweater: H&M / Belt: GAP / Pants: Michael Brandon

Here's a good example of how you can "dress up" without wearing a tie. The look remains casual, yet still manages to come across as more formal than your typical polo/khaki uni.

6/23/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: Geoffrey Beene / Tie: Hardy Amies / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Decided to mix things up today by wearing a tie. My neck wasn't too enthused.

6/22/09 - Monday

Shirt: Jos A Bank / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers / Socks

*Yawn* This relaxed summer dress code is going to result in some boring posts!

I mean, look how much more visually intriguing this outfit could have been with a tie...

6/19/09 - Friday

Shirt: Safari shirt / Belt: GAP / Pants: GAP / Banana Republic Socks

Thew on some GAP cords, a safari shirt and some jazzy socks and dipped to the office this morning.

6/18/09 - Thursday

Shirt: GAP/ Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Wore another shirt from the GAP stretch dress-shirt collection. This one's hue is slightly on the bold side. If you are trying to stay low-key in the office this is not the shirt to wear. Thinking about swiping that slice of lemon meringue pie in the fridge? This shirt will announce your presence from about a mile away.

6/17/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: Express / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers Collection

The office has now implemented a casual summer wear attire policy, which basically means ties are now optional. I'll be honest and admit though: ties really enhance the aesthetics of an outfit, but they are on the other hand, very restrictive!

Going forward I'll try to mix in ties every now and then, but I won't make any promises.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

6/16/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: Kenneth Cole Reaction / Tie: Ralph Lauren / Belt: GAP / Pants: Michael Brandon

Solid, comfortable outfit. To me, this outfit screams: "I came in to the office today to do work."


6/15/09 - Monday

Shirt: Izod / Tie Calvin Klein / Belt: GAP / Pants: Calvin Klein

I like how this outfit turned out. The shirt is a welcome change to the sea of light blue shirts flooding the corporate kiddie pool.

6/12/09 - Friday

Shirt: Barrington / Sweater: H&M / Belt: GAP / Pants: Express Jeans (Rocco)

Threw on some freshly washed raw denim and skated to work today. Wasn't too bonkers about washing them (prior to ever wearing them mind you) but I didn't want to risk staining the beige seats in the rental car.

Gotta love H&M BBC (Basic - Bold - Colorful) sweaters.

6/11/09 - Thursday

Shirt: Banana Republic / Tie: Old Navy / Vest: Club Room / Belt: GAP / Pants: H&M pants

Wore another vest combo to the office today. Remember this tie/shirt combo? The shirt really lends itself well to different combination opportunities.

A wise man once said: Buying pants/slacks at H&M if one is gravitationally-challenged side probably isn't the best idea.

Not really surprising, as they are a Swedish, i.e. European clothing company, but I thought I might as well throw this little nugget of knowledge out there.

6/10/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: Ralph Lauren / Tie: Ermenegildo Zegna / Vest: Club Room / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Vests are a great way to mix things up. There's really no set rules I go by, other than making sure that I don't try and match the vest with another main article of clothing.

Light brown pants + dark brown vest = no-go (for me). It all comes down to personal preference, of course.

Bonus: Depicted below is the move that made me famous ... Some even dare to say that this cross-over move put me amongst the greats in corporate folklore...

Here's how it went down: The year is 2004 and I'm interning at the firm. It's also Friday, I'm starved, and need to get to the last free bagel in office kitchen. I spot the bagel from afar but I'm going to have to walk across the lunchroom to get it. At the same time I see another intern with the same intention. Problem is, the other intern has a slight lead on me. Then it happened. I didn't think, I just acted. I took a stutter step to the left as if I intended on picking up my pace. The other intern acted in kind. At the last moment however I shifted HARD to the right and head towards the light switch. Soon after I cut the lights I hear the other intern crashing into one of the lunch tables. Cue the lights being turned back on. I'm munching on a bagel, other intern is nursing his knee.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

6/09/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: Pierre Cardin / Tie: Old Navy / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

The other Old Navy tie I purchased. Only one person commented on it. I was surprised.

The ultimate interview tie this is not.

6/08/09 - Monday

Shirt: Chaps / Tie: Old Navy / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers Collection

Got two more old Navy ties over the weekend. Both fall more into the casual wear category but I decided to wear them to work this week. Unless you work at the corporate offices of John Deere, the tie worn today should probably only be worn during the holiday season.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

6/05/09 - Friday

Shirt: H&M polo / Belt: GAP / Pants: Express Jeans

Casual Friday guidelines at the company have been expanded to include jeans. This is great news; more options equal more combination opportunities.

Have had the jeans for a while now, they fit great and are workplace-appropriate.

6/04/09 - Thursday

Shirt: GAP/ Tie: DKNY / Belt: GAP / Pants: GAP

Although most of this outfit was sourced (ok no more business-speak) at the GAP it actually looks like a 'fit you would find on an Express mannequin. Don't like the slacks too much as they are on the large side (34 waist). Not surprisingly, I never forget to wear a belt with these pants.

Ok, this pose can mean only 1 of four things in corporate America:

a) On a mission in transition to the restroom after sampling a co-worker's left over chili.
b) Realizing that you forgot to activate your screen saver after doing some questionable online shopping
c) Finding out the new intern has arrived. And is single.
d) Payday

Monday, July 13, 2009

6/03/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: Calvin Klein / Tie: Calvin Klein / Belt: GAP / Pants: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Wore the Calvin Klein starter kit again, with lighter colored pants. Like this get-up as well, it exudes a more casual/West Coast vibe.

6/02/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: Perry Ellis / Tie: Jos A Bank/ Belt: GAP/ Pants: Perry Ellis

Sported another floral pattern tie today...

Notice that the tie was way too long. I'm normally not a fan of rules (created by others at least) when it comes to corporate attire, but there's one I do agree with: Having one's tie reach down to the belt. There's little middle ground here, if you don't get it right your tie will either hang way below the belt or way above it (looking like you stole an Ethiopian's bib).

I ended up readjusting the tie by the way...