Thursday, October 29, 2009

9/03/09 - Thursday

Shirt: Polo / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis Portfolio

Got the polo shirt as gift. Its a bit on the baggy side. Like the pants though. Cloth pattern is intricate yet subtle.

* Catching a roll of toilet paper thrown to my opposite shoulder... Not to be modest or anything but I think I easily have the best hands in the office.

Sunday, October 25, 2009

9/01/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: Banana Republic / Belt: GAP / Pants: GAP

Here's a different take on the outfit worn a couple of days weeks ago. I like both, actually.

No wardrobe malfunctions, today was a good day :-)

* A-shirts/Wifebeaters: Great for people who like wearing an undershirt but don't like half of their undershirt showing.

8/31/09 - Monday

Shirt: GAP / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers - RIP (literally, as well as figuratively)

Disaster struck today.

Of epic proportions, lol.

My pants ripped. Yes ripped at the seams. It wasn't a small rip either It was revealing enough that innocent bystanders would have been able to see the color/brand/texture of my undergarments had I not noticed it first. The fallout would have been devastating, I'm sure.

I guess I could have conveniently left this story out, changed pants and posted pics of my new outfit, but I want to use this as an opportunity for you to learn from my misfortune. What caused the tear I really don't know, but towards the end of the day I started to feel an unwelcome "draft" and knew what time it was. I grabbed a stapler (hey I had to get resourceful) and then proceeded to literally back my way to the office restroom (insert played prison joke here). The staple-job didn't quite work out so I ended up wrapping a sweater around my waist and strolling out of the office.

Moral of the story: As much as you try to avoid them, wardrobe malfunctions can strike at anytime to anyone. And just like in business (and life in general), resourcefulness can almost always get you out of such uncomfortable situations.

* Let us please have a moment of silence for the slacks that fell (or tore) during their tour of duty which, up until then, had served admiringly in protecting co-workers from seeing my drawers.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

8/28/09 - Friday


Good times.

8/27/09 - Thursday

Shirt: Izod/ Belt: GAP / Pants: Roundtree/York

Not sure if I quite like this shirt... Might have to relegate it to the developmental league (i.e. non-work attire)... It sure looked great when I bought it though...

8/26/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: Calvin Klein / Tie: Calvin Klein / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Wore a Crispy Klean, or CK-inspired outfit today. Nothing crazy, just granted PT to several starters coming off of IR.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

8/25/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: GAP Polo / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers Collection / Watch: Diesel

Switched it up today and went casual. Might as well enjoy the "casual summer-wear" movement while it lasts. Note that for casual corporate wear one generally wants to don clothes that (a) fit and (b) are somewhat modest as far as logos/patterns are concerned.

* Fashion gurus would probably suggest that your watchband color match your belt/shoes.

8/24/09 - Monday

* Hello Gents, sorry it's been a while since my last post. Work has ratcheted up a bit, not to mention there is talk of me moving to our corporate offices on the East coast. I'm not too jazzed about the prospect of moving out there just before blizzard season hits over there, but I am thoroughly geeked at the opportunity to move to a region with a moderate climate. Cold weather = More clothing layers = More clothing options.

Shirt: Calvin Klein /Tie: Jos.A.Bank / Belt: GAP / Pants: Express

On to our regularly scheduled program:

Wore one of my all time favorite tie and shirt today. Love the texture on both as well as the vibrant color of the tie. Too ill!

The shirt/tie pairing would look even better with black slacks, imo.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

8/21/09 - Friday

Shirt: H&M / Belt: GAP / Pants: Express / Socks: Banana Republic / Shoes: Kenneth Cole Reaction

Simple outfit worn to work today. Had not worn this shirt out in a while; its a prime contributor to my excessive clothing collection (think of the clothes you hang onto even though you only wear them once or twice a year)...

I should have worn mustard yellow socks...I would need to buy a pair first though... Any suggestions?

8/20/09 - Thursday

Shirt: Jos A Bank / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Like the pattern of the shirt I wore today. The fit, not so much. I could probably gain a good 100-150lbs and still fit into the shirt. Fit is one thing you should look out for before buying a shirt. While location is king in the real estate world, the name of the game in the sartorial world is fit- fit-fit.

8/19/09 - Wednesday

Shirt: BCBG//Attitude shirt / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis

Wore this shirt without a tie and black pants this time. Solid, comfortable outfit.

8/18/09 - Tuesday

Shirt: La Chemise Club / Belt: GAP / Pants: Perry Ellis / Socks: Banana Republic socks


Sported a casual outfit to the office today. Like the shirt, the light material is just what the doctor ordered on a hot day.

Had to feature the socks again. As you can see I like going for colors that seemingly have nothing to do with the overall color scheme of the outfit.

Sartorial disobedience, anyone?

* If you subscribe to this blog and are wondering why this post showed up so low on on your RSS feed, see below. Better late than never, as they say :-D


Original Post:

Didn't wear anything to work today.
Just kidding, folks. I actually wasn't able to take pics today.

I'll take pics at a later point and add them.

8/17/09 - Monday

Shirt: J. Crew / Tie: Barneys New York / Belt: GAP / Pants: Dockers Collection

The more times I wear this tie the more I like it. Originally pared it with a light blue shirt and dark pants. It complements the shirt I wore today well, imo.